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Eight Songs
for Steffen Thomas

David Kirkland Garner
2023 SR001


Claire Bryant, cello

Phillip Bush, piano

  1. and if 6:02

  2. you are 3:38

  3. in a castle 3:47

  4. i hear 2:35

  5. ray falls 5:18

  6. dissolve 4:14

  7. during 3:34

  8. after 2:14

Schumann-inspired song cycle for cello and piano written for the documentary film "Steffen Thomas: Rock & Chisel" by Jesse Freeman.

“This world is too small for less than brotherhood, too dangerous for less than truth." -Steffen Thomas

Recorded, mixed, and mastered by Jeff Francis Recorded at the University of South Carolina School of Music Recital Hall on May 20, 2021


© & ℗ 2023 David Kirkland Garner, All Rights Reserved.


cover: Steffen Thomas, The Face #3, Homage to Lukas

Cranach, the Elder, 1986, Acrylic Painting, © STAR of GA, LP.


Album design by Dan Ruccia

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